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Find Same Images Rotated and Negative plus Flipped!

Automatic Hide the Mouse Cursor ergo Pointer on Windows 10/8.1/7 ...!

Paint Stress test for Laptop, Notebooks, Tablets, Desktop PCs or Surface Pro and Go!

Easy Edit of the RGB Value in the famous Windows Color Picker / Palette!

Variable size rotate and random snowflakes on the Desktop!

Free Software to Auto Hide Desktop Icons for Windows all OS!

Summer time, winter time and other file time corrections!

Also as dark, eg Dark Theme Desktop Notes!

Fast Memory benchmark - test your RAM speed!


Snow and other Flakes for you Windows Desktop!

Famous Desktop Calendar in To-Tray of the Windows Task-Bar!

Output path (without the file name) as a separate column!

The Don't Sleep Video!

Understand and use freely selectable colors, frames and backgrounds!

Quad Explorer Q-Dir as a trusted application under Windows 10!

Simply switch from the administrator to the standard user in the program!

Use specific icon layout for windows startup!

Windows Keyboard Shortcut for osk example in QTP!

The category Order on the PC on Software OK!

Scan a document with a front and back page and save it as multi single PDF!

Activate the optional seconds display on the desktop!

I would like to change the Explorer colors to the "old Norton Commander"!

Activate and see more media columns in the Quad Explorer!

Options of Group by and Sort sabe for Explorer Views on all Windows!

Simply type in bold, italic or underlined:

Of multiple movies and videos the amount duration query!

Select Multiple Files or Folders in Windows Explorer, Windows 10!

Delete, move the user into other Windows 10 groups?

Help TELNET clients is missing under Windows 10. 8.1, 7 ... why?

Download Free alternative command prompt for Windows 10!

Disable Flight Mode on Windows 10?

Burn Win-10 ISO, how to do on Windows?

Windows 10 manual or help for free?

See a program window under all virtual desktops in Windows 10!

The difference user and account names in Windows 10!

Share printers and add to sharing under Windows (10, 8.1, ...)!

Enable in Event Viewer Protokol for Print-Jobs on all Windows!

Directory Access Denied on Windows 10 Save File Error!

IIS Web Server on Windows 10!

For Windows 10, the sound settings are missing, why?

Improve desktop, place second monitor correctly under Windows 10!

Where did my downloads go on Windows 10!

Delete Thumbs.db on Windows 10!

Multiple instances of the same app with administrator privileges, but how?

Clear the temporary Windows 10 folder!

I have clogged up Windows 10, troubleshooting, repair?

With every update several gigabytes download, what am I doing wrong?

Quickly deactivate and activate Cortana on Windows!

Left and right arrow keys to select/deselect the image in List View!

ExperienceIndex on Windows-10 with ExperienceIndex OK!

Open paths in the history of the Explorer Views directly!

Problems when running in admin mode as standard user and password!

How to add to Explorer context menu (Windows 7, 8.1, 10)?

Trim string in cpp?

Where can I download the free Avira AntiVir Personal?

Create Your Own Test Certificate (code signing certificate)?

Command line to change the drive label of a drive!

How do I quickly create user accounts via command line?

Taskkill with the Cmd.exe, how to use correct and useful with examples!

Should I buy an MS Office subscription or a full version?

How do I get letters with accented characters / accents in Microsoft Word?

Portable use of The-Aero-Clock for Windows Desktops!

Only show the directory of a file in a column, but how to?

Can I also use the compare tool for my smartphone or iPhone created pictures?

Can my MS-Surface with Windows 10 be damaged by the tiny insects?

Windows 10 installation depends: Do you relax back?

Kids login protection under Windows 10 on tablet or desktop PC!

How to manage the Windows 10 (management features)?

Activate Web Server on Windows 10 for HTTP or FTP, how to?

Has my Windows 10 a Bluetooth support, how to find out?

Change the Windows 10 computer sounds, how to?

How do I prevent viruses on Windows 10 Home and Pro?

Shortcut for Device Manager on Windows-10 Desktop, how to?

Help, no remote desktop connection to Windows 10 possible. why not?

Windows 10 create / enable guest account, user to guest, how to?

How to find on Windows 10 a downloaded program or APP?

Windows 10 Mouse cursor and pointer moves very slow (fast), why?

Open Advanced System Setting in Windows 10 (three solutions)!

Why administrative rights to prevent sleep mode, standby?

Does Don't Sleep change the power saving options on the system?

Talking about digitization is politicians business, acting is yours!

Again and again emails about my win and others with funny texts!

The remote desktop port in Windows?

If an EXE file is blocked in Windows Firewall, are the DLL files blocked too?

Your account is now infected! Modify the password this time!

Should I use WIA, or TWAIN scanner interface?

Scan multiple pages and create (save) as a single PDF file?

How to create a desktop background image collection for Windows 8.1?

Desktop shortcut for windows 8.1 / 10 fax and scan or pin to start or task-bar!

Open a new program instance or window via Windows Start (8.x, 10)!

How to find out if i have windows 8.1 or 10 version, is it x32 or x64?

How To Restore on Windows 8.1 or 10 Files and Folders?

AHCI for Windows 8.1 and 10 via storahci (activate, switch)!

Direct access to Windows 8.1, 8 or Win 10 Sounds via desktop shortcut in Win 8.1?

Start the programs in compatibility mode  on Windows 8.1 / 10, how to?

Disable grouping in Windows 8.1, 10 taskbar (turn off)?

Uninstall or delete Windows 8.1 / 10 Applications!

How to change the activation key to activate Windows 10, 8.1, Seven?

How can i enable the administrator account in Windows 8.1 or 10?

What is the difference between Windows 8 x64 to x86,x32 and Win 8.1?

Change the username and password (password) at facebook.com?

Set the E-mail message status to read or unread in Thunderbird, how to?

How can i view *.ttc fonts in not Windows Font folder?

Memory upgrade on Samsung Galaxy how to modify (Android)?

Are there any limitations for the file size of not compressible file?

How can I uninstall the MultiClipBoardSlots from Windows OS!

Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition Free Download!

How many snowflakes should I use with Ultra HD monitors?

Unicode on (x64) 64-Bit or x32/x86 (32-Bit)?

Difference 7-Zip and Zip format, archive!

What is the difference between RAID and AHCI?

What I miss is being able to disconnect or connect the network drive?

Start Copy, Paste, Delete in new Process (arrange the files in explorer view)!

Can i make Q-Dir open if i double click My Computer?

Problems when deleting, and listing on the network and NTFS drives?

How can i force move or copy of the data while dragging?

Can I somehow disable the click navigation sound on Windows 10 in Q-Dir?

Forward and back-navigation and keep selection of objects in all Explorer Views!

Help, why can't I print from my computer?

Difference between drives and hard drive?

What does WOW64 mean for Windows 10, 8.1, ... the MS operating systems?

How to do a double-click?

Command prompt Save program parameter arguments as favorites!

Windows files can't change the last access time hour and minutes?

How do I increase the speed of the HDD (SSD / HD)?

For what Explorer Friend in Desktop O.K.?

How to download the English version of 64 bit Desktop-OK?

Import Text and Windows Commands from old ini file!

Working with date, time and calendar week in QuickTextPaste!

I closed the desktop notes by mistake, what can I do?

Remove, delete and manage the libraries on Windows 7, how can I do?

How to change the Attribute(s) of a file or folder in Windows-7?

How to start Windows-7 Run-Dialog (find, open)?

How to open Control Panel in Windows-7 start  (find, run, start)?

How to change settings for Remote Desktop in Windows-7, 8 and 8.1?

How can I activate the Preview feature in Windows 7 Explorer?

Must Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 always be installed on NTFS disk partition?

Your Android device does not support data connection error message!

What are wakelocks?

What is a keycode?

What is an address bar?

What is tmp?

What are left-right arrow keys?

What is Base64?

What is a virtual hard drive?

Full versions and volume licenses difference?

What is a PS2 printer port?

What is disk management?

Overclocked systems?

Folder, Directory?

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