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Quick access to Windows 11 Defender settings!

The system tray icon of the pen menu in Windows 11!

Temporarily stop the hibernation of your Windows 11, 10, ... PC!

Wrong calendar week under Windows 11, 10, ... is displayed!

Find Character Map in Windows 11!

Activate the boot animation in Windows 11 and 10!

Windows 11 MS Terminal APP desktop shortcut!

Shift + right click context menu in the explorer views!

Quad Explorer: see folder size in the status bar!

Prevents the restoration of confidential files!

Desktop clock matching to the Windows 10 logo!

This file can not be deleted!

Search for same or similar mirrored pictures, photos or images!

Auto-Power-Options the Energy-Plan switcher for Windows!

Customize Prevent System Shutdown from task bar!

Touch, Touch Multi Touch Test for Free!

Virtual mouse balls hanging on a virtual elastic rubber band for Windows!

Search for Bad Pixels on the Windows 11, 10, ... Desktop / Notebook Monitor!

Test the PC for several hours!

Easy Edit of the RGB Value in the famous Windows Color Picker / Palette!

Big Mouse Pointer on Windows Desktops!

Please! Do not read this unnecessary text!

Add a little winter magic feeling on your Desktop!

The 3D Bench Mark for Windows 11, 10, ... and Server MS OS

Disable no limit scrolling via the Windows Task-Bar, is optionally!

Rain drops on the Windows 10/11 PCs and Laptops!

FileName2FileTime in NewFileTime!

Stop aggressive Windows programs and applications immediately!

Managing Layout profiles from Task-Bar (Windows Desktops)!

The corona viruses have mutated into macro viruses!

Convert the Bin file to ISO file even under x64 Windows all OS!

Monitor.Turn.Off.Timer.OK switch off the monitor after the time has elapsed!

KeepMouseSpeedOK to keep the Mouse Speed on all Windows (11, 10, ...)!

Auto power options adjustment, increase energy efficiency on MS Windows 11, 10, ... !

Windows 11, 10, ... folders sice and files cunt on your SSD, HD, ... disks!

The Random number generator create multiple files for Windows!

MagicMouseTrails Magic Mouse tracks on the Windows 11, 10, ... Desktops!

Q-Dir the Quad Explorer for Microsoft's Windows 11, 10, ... Desktop and Server!

Desktop Notes for Windows 11, 10, ... Desktop, alternative to MS Short Note APP!

Safely clean up the free area of ​​the hard disk, then standby!

 Unexpected movements of the Windows mouse pointer!

Export Explorer folder content and tree view under Windows 11, 10 and 8.1?

How can i use the Auto Power Options OK for Windows OS!

The Don't Sleep Video!

Marge scans under Windows into a single PDF file!

SysTreeViev32 versus Tree-List-View-Hybrid-OK!

I want the time display to appear right next to the date display!

Q-Dir Columbian Espanol Short Help!

Can you make Q-Dir to be configurable what search tool to start?

Folder content appears delayed in Windows-10?

Quickly set a fixed time for the file time!

Minimize all windows if the mouse pointer does not move for a certain time!

Activate and deactivate the mouse wheel auto scroll function!

Switch user Save / Restore Desktop Icons and Windows!

DesktopOK only as Unicode from version 4.63!

Auto Word Wrap Example for Microsoft Excel and Word and other Office Tools!

Add my text plus what is in the clipboard, example!

Safely remove hardware if icon is missing, it works on Windows 10, 8.1, ...! 

Right Q-Dir Version!

Automatically turn off monitor even without power options in Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

Start system resources check and diagnostic tool for RAM on all Windows 11, 10, 7!

Duplex with non-duplex scanners, improved sorting for print out!

Remove the performance index reader from Windows 10 and 11!

Create door notes and print them plus free!

Master sound volume control via mouse wheel on the taskbar in Windows 11/10!

Deletion of data without file extension in all sub-folders!

Use the directory tree in the Explorer address line!

I would like to change the Explorer colors to the "old Norton Commander"!

Background color and selection in Explorer and tree structure Win 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

PowerShell commands directly in the Explorer Address-Bar Start in current directory!

Access quick links, find the folder in file explorer views, how to!

Animated GIF support in the preview window of the File Explorer!

Tools - Tray Features - Screenshot Tool Info!

Deactivate the automatic arrangement of the symbols under Windows!

Simply type in bold, italic or underlined:

Set files to status hidden on Windows 11 or 10!

Favorites in the navigation area of ​​Windows 11 and 10 File Explorer!

Hide drives in Windows 10/11 File Explorer!

When keystrokes in Explorer the search field is selected / jumps on?

The search field in File Explorer is too small (narrow, away) Windows 11/10?

The computer was protected by Windows - turn it off (deactivate)!

Disable screen lock Windows 10/11, but how to?

Folder everybody permissions on Windows 10 (free for everyone)?

Help TELNET clients is missing under Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7 ... why?

Find a mouse that has a small ball for Windows instead of a wheel!

Download Mouse pointer and cursor options for Windows 11, 10, ...!

Download Free Alternatives File Explorer for Windows 11, 10, ..!

Windows 1903 switch to 1909 download Archive!

Windows 11/10 network adapters are missing, where can I find them?

How to disable auto tips, messages and Adds in Windows 10/11?

Is there compatibility mode on Windows 10/11?

Remove transparent icons on the Windows 10/11 desktop?

Small Icons Size in Taskbar of Windows 10!

Maximize Window Minimize keyboard shortcuts and so on Windows 11, 10, ..!

Try the Dark Theme on Windows 11 and 10!

Go directly to Defender settings via Windows 11 or 10 Desktop!

How to find desktop folders from all users on Windows 11 / 10?

Use the PC sleep timer on Windows 10 / 11!

Windows 10/11 Home set up, configure and delete guest account!

Use the Photos app on Windows 10 / 11 to print pictures!

See list of all installed fonts under Windows 10/11 (+ 4K problem)!

Question! Windows 10 test page print, but how to?

Run Internet Explorer on Windows 10 , how to do?

Chose when to Turn off the Windows 10 and 11 Display!

Find the Windows 10/11 Autostart Folder (auto startup directory)!

Activate Seconds display in Task-Bar of Windows 10 / 11 Desktop!

The mouse speed protection KMS-OK for Windows 10 / 11!

Windows 10 / 11 cmd shell:programfilesx86 and shell:programfiles!

Change the size of text in Windows 10/11!

Use ms-settings:sound command to set the sound for Windows 10/11!

Changing the settings for mains operation and idle state!

Why you cannot completely uninstall Internet Explorer!

Set default search engine and prevent changes on Windows 11/10!

External monitor, work with closed lid on notebook under Windows 10/11!

How do I open other file types, not only text files (* .txt) with Notepad?

How to run an app as a different user in MS Windows 11/10!

Windows 10/11 diskmgmt.msc!

Windows 10: Start Programs and Optional Features!

Delete temporary files and others automatically under Windows 11 and 10!

Convert the FAT32 to NTFS without losing data under Windows 10 / 11?

Windows 10 on-screen keyboard can not be started?

External hard disk standby disable Windows 10/11  (USB, eSATA)?

Start the disk check on Windows 11/10!

Programs and functions / features as a desktop button!

Who needs external uninstallers or cleaners on Windows 10?

Turn-Off the search indexing service in Windows 10/11!

Windows 10 ISO installation DVD with all updates, download?

Constant crashes after Windows 10 update, why?

Delete registry values ​​and complete folders under Windows 10/11 and Server!

Volume control in the notification area of ​​the taskbar activate / deactivate!

Windows Desktop Clock Snow-White!

Show Image Preview or Show Preview and Browser!

Detailed investigation of the windows filesystem structure!

Desktop Pointer Stick as an Blue Office Clamp for Windows!

Make the pictures evaluation in the alternative Explorer under Windows!

Open paths in the history of the Explorer Views directly!

Windows 11 analog clock on the desktop - this is how it works!

Many variables in quick text paste don't work!

Paths problems with blank spaces and environment variables, solved!

After format of external hard drive with Windows, can i delete the free space safely?

Portable use of the File Eraser under Windows (11, 10, 8.1, 7, ...)!

Why Open, Close the Drive or DVD Eject, USB, CD, Blue-Ray?

Why are files in the Delete at Restart list, on my windows 11 or 10?

Was with error code -1073741701 (0xc000007b)!

The network drive is not there when Windows is restarted (11, 10, 8.1, 7)?

How to control the mouse cursor with keyboard under Windows (11, 10, 8.1, 7)!

AutoPlay Settings in Windows Control Panel!

What is svchost.exe on Windows 11, 10, ... etc.?

The view settings or adjustments are lost, are they incorrect?

Windows 32bit driver under Windows x64?

Which is better shutdown, or standby mode?

Help, how can I bypass the recycle bin when deleting?

Back to 1803 from Windows 10 1809 October 2018 Auto-Update bugs, how to?

Create Your Own Test Certificate (code signing certificate)?

Know your download location for Vista Language Packs?

Change drive letters via the command prompt in Windows 11, 10, ....!

Delete all files except the most recent via command line, script or CMD.EXE?

Delete partition with Diskpart under Windows 11, 10, ... and MS Server!

Generate random numbers in the command prompt or batch file!

Group policy update on Windows 11, 10, ... command line!

Keyboard shortcuts for the command prompt under Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

Load and save the Windows 10 start menu with PowerShell!

Query CPU usage via the cmd.exe Windows command prompt?

Check if there is a file path via PowerShell?

Command line CMD background change color, but how, with example?

Difference extended command prompt and normal on Windows?

Console and PowerShell show the Date or change the Time!

Close correctly, the command prompt e.g. cmd.exe!

Open Word, Excel and PowerPoint files without Microsoft Office!

How to change the default paper size in Word!

Office is being updated. Please wait a short time. Crash and error message!

WordPad doesn't display letters when typing, why?

Remove the formatting in Word at or before pasted the text!

How to Create a Diagonal Text in Word (rotated)!

How does the reading out of the texts work with this program?

3D desktop clock in the foreground and background under MS Windows OS?

Portable use of The-Aero-Clock for Windows 11, 10, ... Desktops!

Unlock and delete Files and Folder via MS File-Explorer Context Menu?

Why is the directory printout tool faster when searching for files than MS Explorer?

Only show the directory of a file in a column, but how to?

Can I print all lists and folder contents from the Explorer view on Windows 11, 10, ...?

Marking pictures by quality, possibilities by comparison!

Can i uninstall Find.Same.Images.OK from Windows 11, 10, 8.1 or 7?

How to Works the comparison of the Images (FindSameImagesOK)?

Does the energy efficiency improvement tool work on MS Windows 11?

Why adjust the Windows Energy Options automatically?

Windows 10 / 11 installation depends: Do you relax back?

How to enable Server Virtualization on Windows 10 / 11?

Disable / enable the touch keyboard under Windows 11, 10, example please?

Is it possible to activate Windows 10 by phone?

Problem when create Windows 10 Installations DVD (Download, Media Creation Tool)?

Uninstall fonts from Windows-10 / 11 (remove, delete)?

Delete Auto Complete, Passwords and Form Data in Windows-10?

Changing User Passwords in Windows 10 Without Knowing the Current?

How to show filename extension in Windows-10?

How to disable auto driver updates on Windows 10 / 11?

Set Countdown Timer and use Stopwatches in Windows 10, how to?

Customize Auto-Play settings in Windows 10/11, (enable disable)!

How to change Screen Resolution in Windows 10?

Where is the Note-Pad in Windows 10 or 11, how to open the Pad?

Open Personal Files Folder in Windows 10 / 11 current and all user, how to?

Where is the Windows 10/11 Start Sound, Logoff, Logon (enable, activate)?

Find, start and run the Troubleshooting in Windows-10?

Find and Start Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10, how to?

I´m missing the Navigation Area with the Folder Tree in Windows 10 Explorer?

Windows 10/11 create / enable guest account, user to guest, how to?

Where is the Quick Launch for the Windows 10 Taskbar, how to enable?

Create desktop shortcut in Windows 10/11 for a program (pin to Start)?

Show the full path in the explorer title bar on Windows 10/11!

How big is Windows 10, size on disk after install on an partition?

Is there a recycle bin for the Windows 10 / 11 Desktop (show, hide)?

How can I change, install, add the language for Windows 10?

How can I use multiple virtual desktops on Windows 10/11?

Is the Full Screen function in the Magnifier under Windows XP or only in Windows 7 possible?

Fixed time for shutdown or don't sleep timer when the program starts!

Automatic quit or standby if Battery ?? Percent has!

The timer can not be set to prevent standby, why?

Hide cursor after Windows 11/10 update is gone, what did I do wrong?

Touchscreen test for defective touch points, why?

Convert the IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen onto castors!

Problems when writing under Windows 10. 8.1, ...!

What is Windows Terminal App under Win-10?

Microsoft's solutions for MAC!

How can I query or find out the shipment number on ebay.com?

I want to crack the www.ebay.de account, is there a hack?

No WLAN on the laptop or notebook, internet no longer works!

The device failed the performance test - Samsung?

Nintendo DSi, DS Lite, Switsch, what should I buy?

How can I install Java Script in Windows 10?

Can't every program take up the entire RAM space?

PDF save Error on Windows 10/11 os, why?

I can't delete temporary scans, why?

Works WinScan2PDF, with all scanner?

How can I ignore the file extensions in the file search?

Optionally exclude hard links and soft links, for what?

How can I list the Office document images using Windows Explorer?

Why is Windows 8.1 x64 bigger than x32 on HD and Greater on DVD?

Windows 8.1 Desktop Shortcut for Standard User to run an program as administrator!

Problems if try to run a downloaded program from Internet on Windows-8.1?

How to enable the guest account for guest access under Windows 8.1?

Set the default printer for the apps, programs in Windows 8.1 and 10!

How to control aggressive programs under Windows 8.1 and 10?

Restart the MS Explorer in Windows 8.1 / 10 (Reset, Filemanager)!

Windows 8.1/10: The file associations on Metro applications are frustrating!

Where can I find in Windows 8.1 or 10 allowed programs to communicate through Firewall?

Shutdown, Log-Off, Restart in windows 8.1 / 10 tray area!

Change settings in Win 8.1/8 when to be notified about changes on your computer!

Customize the paging file pagefile.sys in Windows 8.1 and 10!

How to set custom color, width of windows border on Win 8.1 and 10?

How to turn on or off the Windows Defender in Win 8 / 10 the virus protect?

Directly Open Desktop in Windows 8.1 and 8 at Login, skip start screen, how to?

How to open in Windows 8.1/10 the program path through the task manager?

How can I quickly open, find, the Program Files folder in Windows 8.1 / 10?

Disable grouping in Windows 8.1, 10 taskbar (turn off)?

How to see hidden files and folder and file name extensions in Windows 8.1 / 10 Explorer?

What is Program Files (x86) Folder in Windows 8.1 / 10 64-Bit (x64)?

Which version of Windows 8 is right for me?

How to close the open Store Apps in Windows 8.1 Metro Mode?

How to disable Auto Updates in Windows-8 and Win 8.1 or customize (turn off, enable, stop)?

How to make in Windows 8 or 8.1 a restart with recovery options?

How to switch the Windows 8 or Win 8.1 Control Panel, to classic?

Run cmd.exe the command prompt in administrator mode on Windows 8.1 / 10!

How do you find out the IP address of a website or url?

I have a question, can someone see if I was on their facebook profile? And if so, how?

Crack the facebook.de password if I forgot the password?

Spell check Internet Explorer 11/10 change Windows (10, 8.1, 7)?

Help my Windows Server 2008 SP2 has at one time only 512 MB of RAM?

How can i sign up, register, log in on Twitter.com?

Delete fonts direct in FontViewOK (Windows Recycle Bin)!

Can I run a simple ping with TraceRouteOK?

Can i use StressMyPC for Stress and Test the Dual CPU System?

How to see all running apps on The Samsung Galaxy!

I'm having problems at installing of the CPU query Tool!

Switch Language in Non-Compressible-Files for Windows!

The stop watch is not in the same language as the MS Windows OS?

The stop-clock does not display hours?

How can i translate MultiClipBoardSlots in my language?

Own pictures for the extended Windows mouse pointer?

I don't want a watermark on my scaled down vacation photos!

The photo reduction tool is in wrong language / translate!

Tweeter or do a FaceBook post on the pinboard!

Diverse Windows Service Packs!

Download the Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, 90-day trial!

For what Different Performances in the Desktop Snow?

Can you make money with freeware?

Only a few programs, Nenad?

When Unicode version and when Ansi version?

MMT Installer, Portable, and Desktop Version Difference!

The autopilot and the benchmark, what's the difference?

High CPU usage by Windows Explorer at 100 percent?

How do I open an ISO file on a Windows (10, 8.1) computer?

Cannot delete a folder merged with PowerQuest Partition Magic 8.0?

I have accesses to the hard drive, even if I do nothing?

Let the digital desktop clock start with all MS Windows 11, 10, ... OS!

Folder comparisons in Quad Explorer Q-Dir for Windows?

Open a new tab in the Quad-Explorer from the Explorer (same instance)!

What is Soft-Refresh, in Q-Dir Explorer-List-View?

Quad-Explorer new and old Window Tree-View?

What for are the Lines and Buttons at the root in Tree-View ?

How to delete favorite filters entered by mistake?

Is it possible to close Explorer Tab in 1 click, or duplicate?

I would like to add Q-Dir to windows system shell context menu!

How can I change the color of the sorted column. Right now the sorted column turns white?

How can i force move or copy of the data while dragging?

How can i synchronize directories in Explorer-Views whit xcopy.exe?

I"m visually impaired, how do i enlarge the font on my Quad-Explorer?

Help! Default bold font in Explorer View is killing my eyes!

File Explorer view column and view settings are not saved, Why no?

How can i start with a favorite setting for explorer views from Desktop?

Uninstall Always Mouse Wheel from Windows (11, 10, 8.1, 7)!

Can I also use dot matrix printers under the new MS Windows?

Desktop shortcut to lock your Windows 11, 10, ... etc. PC!

What are unprintable characters?

What is a corrupt driver software under MS Windows OS?

Where is the tab key ↹ on Windows?

Difference between ???

How to set the keyboard delay when writing under Windows?

Difference between administrator and system administrator under Windows?

What is the WDDM driver model of my GPU / graphics card?

Create correct folder for 32Bit applications under Windows 11, 10, ...?

The most important keyboard shortcuts in Internet Explorer, with an explanation?

Which is better, 1920x1080, 1920x1200 or 1680x1050?

Difference between drives and hard drive?

Hello, how does it work Auto Words in MS Office Word?

How can you clean or shrink the winsxs folder? It takes up too much disk space!

What is the file time, or the folder time?

Should I turn off the power saving mode in Windows or not?

Windows Key, Windows-Logo!

Does the alternate command prompt work on Windows 11?

Export the output of the command prompt (cmd.exe) TXT, RTF, HTML!

Help on Windows 10/11 I can not change the file time stamp, why?

In PowerPoint still the original creation time appears!

The analog desktop clock no longer starts with Windows 11, 10, ...?

Windows 11 automatically troubleshoot computer problems, How to?

Where can I find the classic file explorer for Windows 11?

Automatically expand directory structure in Windows 11 Explorer?

Mouse pointing acceleration and primary key under Windows 11!

Cumulative Update for Windows 11 or 10, what is it?

Run Program Compatibility Troubleshooter on Windows 11!

Can I add folder shortcuts to the start menu in Windows 11?

Open the command prompt in the Windows 11 Terminal APP!

How to customize the Windows 11 Smart Screen?

Automatically log in to Windows 11 / Autologin?

Is Windows 11 with the dark theme faster than with standard?

Use Device Pairing Wizard for Windows 11 peripheral devices!

Change device installation settings under Windows 11!

Open control panel in Windows 11?

Can I use / install Windows 11 without MS Account / Login / Sing-in?

Hi, is it possible to kill all favorite processes at once?

How to restart windows programs or processes with ProcessKO?

What are the individual test values or measurements for hard drives?

What is the right version of DesktopOK for me!

DesktopOK to the latest version Refresh, autoupdate, full uninstall?

Difference between Shut-Down Save and Auto Shut-Down Save!

How can I switch or change the Language In DesktopOK?

What does "punch the icons" in Desktop-OK on Windows?

Several programs start with a keyboard shortcut!

Import from the clipboard text and windows commands!

Activate the Auto Backup Feature in QuickTextPaste!

Maximize QuickTextPaste to see more information, how to?

What does restore the clipboard in QTP for Windows 11, 10, ... ?

Can the virus 3D game Corona KO also be used in the office?

How can I keep a backup of my notes?

The handy short note on the Windows desktop is always in the foreground!

How to remove Print Test Page OK Tool from Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!?

Uninstall Desktop Calendar from the Windows Desktop!

Uninstall Windows 10 and back to good old Windows 7, how to?

How to disable Auto Startup Programs in Windows 7?

How to change the Home-Group Password on Windows-7?

How to disable or enable hibernate in Windows 7?

Extend test period in Windows 7 (Delay activation)!

Resolve the Problem with Intel HD and 1680 x1050 screen resolution on Windows 7 and Win 8.1 or 8?

Improve the readability of text in windows-7 via Clear-Type settings!

How can I change user passwords in Windows 7 and 8.1 without knowing current password?

How to change settings for Remote Desktop in Windows-7, 8 and 8.1?

Download Windows 7 Starter, Home (Basic Premium), Professional, Ultimate!

Where is the Disk Defragmenter in Windows 7?

On screen keyboard at logon (login) in windows 10, 8.1, 7, log in without keyboard?

Should I use with AMD64 Windows-7 x86 or x64?

I have XP. Do I have to buy a boot manager for Windows 7 to be able to install it?

How can I change the background image on my Android smart phone?

What is a TPM 2.0 chip!


What is lock screen?

What is a Windows Defender Application Guard?

What is a benchmark?

What is a font?

What is Windows NT?

What is a CPM model?

What is an address bar?

Difference between numeric keypad and number keypad!

What is a TAN?

What is Full HD?

What is formatting hard drives?

What is calibration?

What is an exclusion list?

What means Windows Ten?

Windows Font Viewer?

What is Time Machine?

Windows notification area meaning?

What is a loose leaf binder?

What is Windows PE (WinPE)?

What is Drop and Drag?

What is a blue screen?

What is a pixel?

What is an SSD hard drive and SSHD?

What are Register-Tabs?

What is a boot disk?

Folder, Directory?

How can i translate WinBin2Iso in my language!

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